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Those are not any ordinary sounds but the recurring sounds of an operating silkscreen printing machine that can be heard easily in the factory and there is where this printing company gets its name.

In 1993, two co-founders, Yong & Tee have involved themselves in the printing industry with one simple purpose which is to meet the increasing demand of printing services among the customers.

As time goes by, through the interaction with different group of people, Yong and his team have slowly discovered the importance of creating good visual first impression and providing complete set of product information to the end users. In fact, for the past 2 decades, LITAT has always committed to serve the customers well in terms of providing them with custom silkscreen printing services on flat and cylindrical objects.

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In 2018, Jerry and Gerallt, two passionate business partners have brought in several digital transformations to further accelerate the business growth and ensure the company is keeping up with the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Besides that, the LITAT team believes in building a sustainable business and providing a complete product solution to customers in the future.

If you are still wondering where to get a good label design, where to find a company that pays attention to the details and where to discover unique printing experience, please do follow us on Instagram and stay connected with us on Facebook.

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Custom silkscreen printing services on flat and cylindrical objects.

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20, Jalan Selatan 6/5,
Taman Perusahaan Ringan Pulai,
81300 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Phone : +6016 736 2018
Email : litatsilkscreen@gmail.com

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